After the Vote: What’s Next?


With the two successful Nov 18 and Dec 9 votes, the Princeton Broadband MLP (the town’s governing body on broadband) has a clear mandate from our residents: to bring high-speed broadband internet to town as soon as possible.

Rolling up their sleeves, they are already getting to work. Here are the immediate next steps following the vote:

First, Princeton Broadband MLP now has the legal authority to borrow the $1.2 million for “make ready” costs and will begin to formulate a plan for the “make ready” project and deal with all related legal issues surrounding pole ownership, etc.

Second, Princeton Broadband MLP is now able to begin negotiating a contract with Matrix Design Group. The MLP has officially named John Lebeaux and Stan Moss to head the negotiations.

Third, Princeton Broadband MLP met today with Mass Broadband Institute’s council and business representatives to discuss state grant/funding issues, contractual strategies, and legal guidelines.

We will update you on news from all of these fronts as we learn of new developments.


The Final Vote: Princeton Residents Approve Broadband Initiative


Today’s nasty weather proved to be no match for the stalwart residents of Princeton. In spite of the rainy weather, town residents braved the elements and voted overwhelmingly for the broadband initiative. The official results are: 484 (YES) to 73 (NO), which is an 87% majority (a simple 50% majority was needed for passage).

Ladies and Gentleman: All voting hurdles have now been officially cleared for the Princeton Broadband MLP to negotiate a contract with Matrix to bring a high-speed fiber-to-the-home network to our town!

Check back here in the coming days. We will have details on the next steps and a timeline of coming events.

2015 is going to be an exciting year!

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Current Vote Turnout

Weather could be having a factor on voter turnout today. Here’s an updated report:

My husband Michael and I were number 100 and number 101 at 2 pm today! Let’s not leave this to chance. Get out there and vote to finally bring this town into the information age. Yeah, the weather is wet and nasty. But we cannot let this opportunity pass us by. Get out and vote.


Through Rain, Sleet, or Snow, the Finish Line for Broadband Arrives

Rain? Sleet? Snow? Bahhhh, We Are Talking Broadband! 

While the weather forecast calls for a wintery mix on Tuesday, Princeton residents have a higher calling: to cast one last vote for or against broadband coming to town. After many years and several preliminary voting steps, this is the FINAL and DECISIVE vote needed for fiber broadband to come to town.

Tuesday’s ballot vote is at the Town Hall Annex from 12:00pm to 8:00pm.

If you would like to find out what we are voting for, read a 5-minute summary. We also recommend you read about the November town vote that preceding this final debt exclusion ballot vote.



Final Hurdle for Broadband: Tuesday’s Vote

While Princeton residents voted overwhelmingly for the broadband initiative at the special town meeting in November, there is one final hurdle to clear: Tuesday’s vote at the Town Hall Annex. Broadband will not come to Princeton unless it is funded by a majority vote at the special debt exclusion election this Tuesday, Dec. 9th. Polls will be open from 12:00pm until 8:00pm at the Town Hall Annex.

If you want broadband to come to town, be sure to come out and vote!

If this day or these times do not work for you, absentee ballots are an option if you act on Monday. Applications for absentee ballots must be received before 12pm on Monday Dec. 8, and voted ballots must be received in the town clerk’s office by the close of the polls, Tuesday, 8pm, Dec. 9.

Princeton Wants Fiber: 90% Vote For Broadband

IMG_2151Nearly 500 hundred voters of Princeton packed Thomas Prince School tonight, leaving standing room only to discuss and vote whether to approve funds for “make ready” costs necessary for a broadband fiber network build. After 90 minutes of discussion and Q&A, the town of Princeton spoke loud and clear: Princeton wants fiber! The town voted 442-51 in favor — that’s 90% of all voters!

In case there was any question before about the pent-up demand for fiber in town, the numbers attending the special town meeting remove all doubt.  The 493 in attendance tonight was a record-breaking crowd for a special town meeting, breaking the previous record (360 attending the Library renovation meeting back ~15 years ago).

Our long-time quest for broadband has one final, but essential hurdle. We have one last vote to take – a ballot vote at Town Hall Annex on Dec. 9. We will provide full details on that in the coming days.

Princetonites, we have looked with longing eyes at our Wachusett neighbor’s broadband capabilities for years and wondered why we couldn’t have the same. As long as we all get out and vote on Dec. 9, all that is about to change!

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