Committee seeks input from residents for high-speed Internet access

Princeton, MA – Feb. 12, 2013 – Princeton’s Broadband Committee has prepared a questionnaire to gather information from homeowners regarding the publically funded program to bring high-speed Internet access over a fiber optic network to every Princeton home. The questionnaire can be completed online at beginning Friday, February 15th. Paper copies of the questionnaire are available at Town Hall, Princeton Public Library, Mountainside Café and the Mountain Barn, also on Feb 15th.

Princeton is pursuing this initiative as a result of the Massachusetts Broadband Institute (MBI) program entitled MassBroadand 123 that will make extremely fast Internet access available to all schools, libraries, medical facilities, government offices and other public places across the Commonwealth, especially in underserved less-populated areas. The installation progress can be monitored online at

When completed and operational in 2014, The MBI program will expand broadband connectivity to over 120 communities in western and north central Massachusetts, including Princeton. Proponents say the network will provide the necessary broadband infrastructure to foster economic growth, improve health care and education, and strengthen public safety. Costs related to designing and building a network and bringing connectivity directly to the home is the responsibility of the cities and towns involved in the project.

Governor Duval Patrick and the Legislature created the Massachusetts Broadband Institute when signing the Broadband Act into law in August 2008. The Act gives the MBI the authority to invest up to $40 million of state bond funds in necessary and infrastructure assets, such as conduits, fiber-optic cable and wireless towers.

The Broadband Committee believes information received from the questionnaire will be useful in generating public support for funding the project once the infrastructure is in place.


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