Responding to Questions and Concerns

The Broadband Committee has appreciated the tremendous amounts of feedback that we received through the Princeton Broadband Survey.

In taking the survey, several citizens voiced questions and concerns that the committee wanted to address in detail.

Some of the issues we respond to include:

  • What are the next steps? 
  • Will the system be reliable? 
  • Why should Princeton be in the business of providing internet service, given past history? 
  • Why not get a carrier like Verizon to come in and do it for us? 
  • Will there be a usage limit? 

Read our responses to these questions and many more »  



  1. Gary Langevin

    Regarding a question someone had about why there were no other bids on the wireless town system: I was at the PMLD meeting that Mark Ayacht bid on the PMLDnet system. His company was the ONLY one interested in buying the obsolete, under-built and under-specified system. Each node (pole) was spec’d out with only 3.3Mbps max capacity with throughput of 2.3Mbps! By comparison a single DSL connection within 1.5 miles of the Verizon Head Office on Boylston Rd. can expect up to 3.3Mbps and that could get maxed out by streaming a single 1080p HD movie.

  2. Gary Langevin

    I hope in references to ultra-fast broadband that the Princeton Broadband Committee means Gigabit speeds like Google is building for Kansas City and Chattanooga is building for itself.

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