May 14 Town Meeting: “Just the facts, ma’am”

6a00d8348999ec69e2017ee3d5ac64970d-800wiDon’t know the details of the Princeton broadband initiative? Maybe you have been on a long vacation to Bora Bora. Maybe you have been too busy in your garden this Spring to follow recent local news. Or perhaps a neighborhood kid has been hogging your internet bandwidth, preventing you from getting on Facebook or the web altogether. Regardless of the reason, we are here to bring you quickly up to speed on the details of the broadband initiative without needing to spend a day reading through this web site.


It’s us, that’s who! Yes, all of the residents of our little ol’ town of Princeton!


The town residents will be voting at the Annual Town Meeting on two articles:

  • Article 9: To approve funding to design a fiber optic network connecting every Princeton home
    • Why needed? A network design is required to determine what a townwide network installation would cost.
    • 50% approval required
  • Article 10:Vote to establish a Municipal Telecommunications Plant
    • Why needed? Massachusetts law requires it.
    • 66% approval required

Passing these two articles are critical first steps that are required to bring ultrafast, affordable fiber-optic internet into every home in Princeton.


The Annual Town Meeting is Tuesday, May 14 at 7:00pm.


The Annual Town Meeting is at Thomas Prince School.


1. If we don’t, no one will. Verizon, Charter, and other major providers aren’t going to come in and do it. [Source]

2. The home real estate market in 2013 and beyond now depends on a highspeed broadband solution. [Source 1]  [Source 2] [Source 3] [Source 4] [Source 5] [Source 6]

3. Without highspeed internet, Princeton will be on the wrong side of the digital divide compared to all other Wachusett towns.  [Source]

4. DSL is obsolete technology in eyes of Verizon and will eventually be going away. [Source 1] [Source 2]

5. Fiber optic technology is proven and the most risk averse choice on the market.[Source 1] [Source 2] [Source 3]

6. Statistically speaking, existing internet solutions in town are third world quality and are actually inferior to Vietnam, Poland, and Romania. [Source]

But maybe the best way to answer the “why” question is to let simply town residents answer that themselves:


How do the votes for the two articles fit into the big picture of bringing a fiber optic network to Princeton homes?  View our interactive timeline to see the next steps in the process that will follow should the town approve these two articles. Click here to begin »


One comment

  1. Jenny Hazelton

    A huge THANK YOU to the committee for all of your hard work and careful research. Hoping for a great turnout tonight and that the two articles recieve overwhelming support from the community.

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