Lafayette, Louisiana: A Municipal Funded Fiber Success Story

Lafayette, Louisiana is an oasis of major broadband connectivity through its successful fiber deployment…[Fiber has] given Lafayette a true edge. Other communities around the country 20 years from now will want what Lafayette has today.

– Terry Huval, LUS Fiber director

lsu2For those looking for other communities that have been successful deploying a municipal funded fiber network, be sure to check out the city of Lafayette, Louisiana. While its city size and subscriber revenue model are distinct and not a direct comparison to the town of Princeton and our proposed Princeton Broadband initiative, Lafayette’s LUS Fiber shows how a community can fund a fiber network, build out 100% of the town, and run the service successfully.

Check out their service offerings and rates at You can also check out the LUS Fiber blog with up-to-date news and information.

More information:


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