Sallisaw, Oklahoma: A Municipal Funded Fiber Success Story

sallisaw1Sallisaw is a rural community in eastern Oklahoma with approximately 8,000 residents (3,600 homes) and a median family income of around $25,000. Back in 2004, the city began to construct a fiber optic network to provide internet, phone, and video services to its residents. The initial customers were connected in early 2005, and after a technical trial, the service went live in mid-2005. The community ranks DiamondNet highly: 

  • Internet, 81% rank it superior to previous service provider
  • Video, 76% rank it superior to previous service
  • Telephone, 52% rank it superior to previous service

In fact, out of 100 technical trial participants, only 3 decided not to continue as paying subscribers to the DiamondNet service. Overall, the adoption rate among the community is 50%. 

Customer feedback includes: 

Great services with HD local channels. Technology has finally caught up with Sallisaw…Should be a great marketing tool for our  area.

I found it exciting to be a part of bringing the fiber optic system to the city of Sallisaw. I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of getting this thing up and running. All the people that were working on the project were excellent to have working in the home.

It will save me money while getting better service and I am investing in my own community.

Sources and additional information: 



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