A Teen’s Perspective on the Need for Broadband

Good Internet is not just a toy but a necessity.

– Taylor, aged 14

How important is highspeed Internet to our children? Here’s one Princeton teenager’s perspective:

My family and I just moved to Princeton and being used to 100 Mbps speeds going down to 3 Mbps is something getting used too and we love this town and what it has to offer but with the tech I use it is pretty much time traveling back to the 90s. I hope this project goes into construction to get fast speed to this great town.

My name is Taylor, and I’m only 14, but this Internet really effects my schoolwork because of the technology growth at my school. I attend Bancroft School in Worcester and we use the Internet for EVERYTHING.  Almost all homework must be downloaded, and we use the iPad as our main device for school work. As being a kid, good Internet is not just a toy but a necessity.

Taylor, aged 14
Brooks Station Road



  1. Glen

    Right-on Taylor
    It’s not just students and gamers, try working from home. This is how the world communicates. As well it was easier to send this from my phone.

  2. Laurie

    If we want our town to continue to GROW, we need the internet. No families are going to move in if they can’t have decent internet access. If you don’t care to have internet access, what happens when you want to move out of your home?

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