Citizen questions deserve answers, Broadband Committee says

A broadband committee update appeared in this week’s The Landmark.  Read the full article on »




  1. Jerry Oberhelman

    OMG Members of the committee don’t know what is on the web!
    So the committee is talking out of both sides of it’s mouth?
    They talk about 250 web members, but did they put a web link in that article? duh!
    I signed up for the Web because like many I don’t get the LandMark. so if there are going to be public hearings it should be posted on the Web.The Web is the final written word if you ask me, and the committee should agree to the posting.
    I don’t think Comcast or Charter are true fiber.
    Verzion and AT&T are putting there money into wireless and it is getting faster. Why not invite Virgin Moble to town?
    Jerry Oberhelman

    • richwagner


      Thanks for your comments. Just to confirm, we are committed to keeping the town up to date and current on latest news and info on (and our Facebook page) and use the site as our primary vehicle for regularly communicating with everyone. Also, while we have around 250 email subscribers, we get a steady stream of even more visitors coming to our site regularly checking for updates.


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    I have a question. As i understand he charter proposal, people in low density areas would be left out. And with only us ‘low density people’ left, I suspect that ayatch would pull out. We could be left in much worse shape.Could the broadband committee investigate a hybrid solution? Come up with a creative plan to bridge the gap with charter so that the low density areas could be covered? I think this will need to be explored if we go with a charter-type solution.ThanksSent from my BlackBerry® PlayBook™www.blackberry.comFrom: “Princeton Broadband” <>To: “” <>Sent: November 7, 2013 7:50 PMSubject: [New post] Citizen questions deserve answers, Broadband Committee says

    richwagner posted: “A broadband committee update appeared in this week’s The Landmark.  Read the full article on »


    • richwagner


      Thanks for your comments. I will take your question to the next committee meeting to get an official answer to your question. However, let me at least say this: as I understand our charter as a committee, we are charged with formulating a plan that would provide high-speed internet for the town of Princeton, not just the most densely populated parts. So stay tuned on your question.

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