Townwide Network Design: A Sneak Peak

If you have been browsing our web site, reading the local news, or attending our weekly meetings, you have observed the broadband committee giving attention this Fall to evaluating the feasibility of a third-party cable operator, such as Comcast or Charter, to build out a network as an alternative to a municipal-funded fiber network. However, rest assured, we are multitasking. While we undertake due diligence on the cable operator front, we also continue to make progress on the “DIY approach” (funding/building a fiber network ourselves).

As such, we wanted to pass along the news that the technical design for a townwide fiber network will be completed by the engineers before the holidays. If you recall from the discussion at the town meeting earlier this year, a network design is a key deliverable in the process for a considering a fiber network build-out and is integral to being able to calculate actual costs by prospective vendors.

A special note of hearty thanks goes out to a stalwart volunteer crew who did a GPS survey of the town utility poles over the past few months. The engineers were able to use this survey data as a starting point (rather than starting from scratch), saving the town both time and money on the overall network design.

And, for those curious, here’s a sneak peak sampling at what the network design looks like:





  1. Rick Gardner

    Thanks for posting this. Good to see the progress. I am hoping that if we decide to pursue a third party, that it will be clear who the ‘have’ and ‘have-nots’ will be, and also that there will be some clarity as to what the ‘have-nots’ (ie not densely situated enough for the third parties) will be left with for bandwidth and service. I am worried that we could end up with 80% of the town being serviced with great broadband and the other 20% being ditched by even Ayotte because the numbers are now too small!!

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