When Internet Providers Won’t Provide, Should Local Governments Step Up?

When incumbent providers cannot serve the broadband needs of some localities, local governments should be allowed—no, encouraged—to step up to the plate and ensure that their citizens are not left on the wrong side of the great divide. – Michael Copps, former FCC Commissioner

Many communities are struggling with limited Internet access options. DSL and cable may be available but the prices increase nearly every year, often without improvements in technology or service. A lack of universal fast, affordable, and reliable Internet access results in less economic development, fewer educational opportunities, and a lower quality of life, particularly for low-income families and communities of color. Only a few US cities have access to much faster networks, often at more affordable prices similar to what is available in peer nations. (cont…)

Download the Building Community Broadband Access briefing here (.pdf) »



  1. Jerry Oberhelman

    Confusing: Last post all the pro’s of Cable , now all the pro’s of Town owned.Personally I’ve been against cable for the reasons mentioned in this brief. The charge was to get 100% coverage in Princeton and cable will not do that .
    With Hulu Plus $7.95 per month and others, Hi speed is all we need.
    Jerry O

  2. richwagner

    Thanks for your feedback. We are investigating both options in parallel and seeing which proves to be the viable, best option for enabling all town residents to have access to high-speed internet.

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