Discover More Details on the Matrix/Millennium Broadband Proposal

ProjectSpotlightThe agenda for the Feb. 26 meeting of the Princeton Broadband Committee included a presentation from Matrix/Millennium on their latest proposal to fund a high-speed fiber optic network to town residences. The meeting, open to the public, allowed Princeton residents the opportunity to address questions and concerns regarding the project, which was originally unveiled to the committee Feb.12.

The presentation, delivered by Chris Lynch, senior account representative for Matrix Design Group, looked at costs related to two possible installation scenarios, including a list of exclusions that would be Princeton’ responsibilities in completing the estimated $4 -5.3 million in project expenses.

The committee wished to thank the concerned residents who attended the meeting and looks forward to holding more in-depth public hearings on the project this spring. Check back with this site from time to time for any posted updates on recent developments.

Download the Matrix/Millennium Proposal here (.PDF)



  1. Jerry Oberhelman

    Is this a dedicated fiber to home( Home run) making future upgrade possible or a split fiber to houses cutting bandwidth?
    I don’t see 100% town coverage and that was the charge.

    • richwagner

      Jerry, yes, that is the difference between the GPON and ActiveEthernet options. ActiveEthernet is dedicated line to each home, while GPON is not. However, in either case, we would always have shared backhaul back into the network. Also, yes, the section option is demand-based and thus is not necessarily 100% coverage.

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