What’s Your Broadband Story? Princeton Speaks Out

While we have made considerable progress over the past year in our goal of bringing high-speed broadband internet to the town of Princeton, we are not there yet. And, as such, the broadband struggles in day-to-day life continue on. Here’s a sampling of the feedback we have received recently.

Lack of Broadband Keeps Us Out of Princeton

We currently live and Holden and would like to move to Princeton. My children already attend TPS through school choice and we have always loved the town. The only problem is this, my husband is a computer engineer and often works from home. Therefore, we need high speed internet. Are there any areas in Princeton that currently have high speed internet? If there is not, we will be forced to stay in Holden or move to Sterling.

-Heather P.

Ready and Willing…Let’s Go!

I just read the article in the T&G this morning about the lack of cable provider offers. As a young professional who just moved to Princeton, I don’t see this as much of a problem as long as the cost to implement the broadband doesn’t go up. I know that for myself and my husband and many of our friends prefer to use internet, Hulu, Netflix etc. to watch most of their TV shows and movies. In my opinion, the real problem in the area (aside from broadband) is the cell service. Thanks again for all of your hard work! My husband and I are excited and are definitely willing to pay to get broadband for our house.

– Lisa D

What’s your broadband story? Let us know at info@princetonbroadband.com.


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