What’s Your Broadband Story? Princeton Speaks Out (Part 2)

We recently asked readers to talk about their broadband story at info@princetonbroadband.com. We shared two stories back in April and wanted to provide some additional feedback that we have received.


I have lived in this town for 11 years now and really love living here. I currently have satellite internet and can’t stand it.  We are restricted to a certain amount of usage every month with satellite internet.  The cost of the usage is high and unfortunately with two children who use the internet everyday our usage runs out in the middle of the month all the time. Once our usage for the month runs out, our internet speed decrease dramatically !!! It is like having dial up all over again.!!!! Broadband help!!!

-Mary B.


I have lived in Princeton for just about 30 years…Recently I ‘downsized’ to working three days a week, with an arrangement that allowed me to do some work-at-home. However in Princeton that is difficult. The present Internet provider has been good and bad, and at times we have had reliability problems. When the internet is down or slow, I cannot work from home, and need to travel into the office to get work done…We rely more and more on the internet and the reliance is only going to get stronger over time. We already miss out on a lot of the potential of the internet. But my main issue has been inability to work at home at times..

– Rick D.

What’s your broadband story? Let us know at info@princetonbroadband.com.


One comment

  1. wayne adams

    I am a resident that has DSL via Verizon. It seems to be the best of the 3 options currently available in town and recognize it is limited to a few in town. Having higher speed broadband will improve the internet experience for higher bandwidth content such as video streaming, uploads/downloads of large files, and the options for VOIP and TV. I am new to town, by many measures, moved in 2010 and internet/work from home was a decision point to move to town. I agree with other poster’s that the other 2 options are not adequate and I’ve not moved into that part of town. We did pass up other homes in another rural town where satellite was the option.

    I do encourage the Broadband committee to keep educating the towns people and keep a flexible business model in mind. One aspect of the flexible business model is to not overly rely on a high % of VOIP as a line of revenue. There are many options to use an internet connection and a PC to do VOIP with no additional, sizable service fees. E.g. Skype and Google Voice w/ Google Hangouts. The quality of the experience is the same as a separate subscription for VOIP. On good days, it is crystal clear ; on not so good days, there are echos and staccato/missed parts of the dialogue, and infrequent dropped calls.

    Based on volunteer availability, I’d recommend formalizing a monthly workshop at the library to illustrate how to leverage the internet to get the most bang for a subscribers fees. Have students run a workshop for school age residents; etc… Helping everyone understand what can be done for free once online should encourage more usage and appreciation of the internet, to keep the town project moving forward with community support. ideally, the town internet is our internet we all embrace and improve on, instead of a we/them model whereby any dissatisfaction gets directed at the MLP.

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