Race for Selectman: What Does It Mean for Broadband?

Next Monday’s election for Selectman could have a critical impact on the chances of bringing highspeed broadband to the town of Princeton. Given that, make sure you know exactly where both candidates stand on the broadband issue. We encourage you to check out the Facebook Page of each candidate by clicking their respective images below. While there, consider posting questions to both candidates on their page, asking them about their position on broadband and its priority to them and the town.


Stan Moss


Bruce Rollins





  1. Jon Fudeman

    I appreciate your emails but this one was pure frustration. I was curious as to where candidates stood. My guess is that Bruce is against it but I don’t know. And I may never find out because I don’t use Facebook. Why didn’t you simply lift quotes out of their Facebook pages? It’s public info.

    Thanks for all your good work though.

    Jon Fudeman

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