A Critical Week for Princeton Broadband


Annual Town Meeting

Where and When Is It? 

Tuesday, May 13, 7pm at Thomas Prince School.

Why is it important to broadband?

There are two broadband motions that will be voted on at the meeting, the passage of which is essential for bringing high-speed internet to our town. In fact, if 66% of the town doesn’t vote to approve Article 4, then all broadband progress is legally bound to be suspended — at least until 2016! Read about the details of the motions here.

Also we recommend that you read “Three Must-Dos in May“.

My schedule is busy on Tuesday. What if I don’t have time to stay for the entire town meeting? 

One bit of good news for people with a busy schedule — the broadband motions are articles 4 & 5, meaning that they will be voted upon near the start of the 7pm meeting (unlike last year when they were over 2 hours into it). Therefore, if you can’t stay for the whole town meeting, come at the start, vote YES on motions 4 & 5 and then you can leave early.

What happens next if the vote is approved?

The Board of Selectmen will be free to consider the Maxtrix/Millennium proposal.


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