91.4% Majority Approve Article 4!

At the Annual Town Meeting on May 13, Article 4 passed with a decisive 91.4% majority! (Article 5 also passed by clear verbal majority.) Thanks to everyone who got involved and voted!  Your presence was definitely felt in that overcrowded meeting room.

It’s time to roll up our sleeves and continue on to the next stage of our shared goal of bringing broadband internet to Princeton.



  1. Laurie Cote

    Hey Princeton Broadband Committee,
    Please keep up the good work. The current system is not good enough for everyone. And while apple pie every day would be “nice to have”, high speed internet is a necessity to move this town forward.

  2. dixfdavis@aol.com

    And thanks for all your hard work in getting us to and through this early milestone. Dix Davis

  3. rick Gardner

    Great job getting us to this point. Please let me know if I can help in any way. One point that probably needs to be made more strongly is that the Internet Access that got our kids through high school ten years ago is not going to suffice five years in the future. I think some folks believe that the only value in high speed is entertainment, and I don’t see it that way (it is education, employment, etc.)….although the vote tells me that most people get it!!

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