Princeton Board Takes Steps Toward Setting Up Broadband

From Worcester Telegram, by Joshua Lyford

The Board of Selectmen took the necessary steps Monday night to establish a new Municipal Lighting Plant, which will serve as the legal managing entity for the town’s proposed broadband network. Voters authorized its creation at this year’s annual town meeting.

The vote at the annual town meeting also appropriated $17,000 to cover prep work. The MLP will serve as a telecommunications hub for town high-speed Internet and a yes vote to each was necessary in bringing high-speed Internet to Princeton.

The board voted on a number of broadband-related issues…

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  1. Rick McCowan

    Were the voters mislead? Perhaps! The voters have been very clear that they do not want another town-run operation similar to the previous Internet operation or the windmills. Both were failures. The recent broadband effort has never been clearly presented to the voters. Is it a town-run operation or is it private?

    • richwagner


      Sorry for the confusion. To be clear, this public/private plan is exactly what has been communicated on this site and elsewhere, though because of the various state laws and parties involved, I agree that it can be pretty confusing. Establishing an MLP is required by Massachusetts law in order to do anything related to building out of the internet in town, whether public or private. That’s what the voters approved back in May. And now that it is being established, the town will be able to then negotiate with private parties to do the actual build out and operation of the network. So, to be very clear, we are not exploring any town-built/operated network. We are doing the public things necessary for a private to be able to come in and do it. Does that make sense? Also see

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