Details on the Matrix Plan

Some of you have been asking for the nitty gritty details on the Memorandum of Understanding that was signed this week by the Princeton Broadband MLP and the Matrix Design Group. Below are links to two documents for your reading pleasure. In the coming weeks, we will be presenting this information in a more “easy to digest” manner, but for the diehards, here you go:

Summary of the Matrix Design, Build, and Operate Plan 

Memorandum of Understanding  




  1. wayne adams

    In the summary plan, there is an estimated cost of $120/mo for voip and data. Does this include the $25/mo service fee. The $120 states to cover the construction fee, but the construction fee is not defined as to whether this is the same or different than the Service Fee.

    • richwagner

      Ok, I received clarification on this issue. The $120 is all-inclusive, other than possible state/federal taxes/fees (which we are still investigating). The construction fee, network maintenance fee, and the ISP/VOIP fees are all included in that $120 amount.

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  3. Christine Rainville

    What about inside wiring of houses is there an additional cost there? Is there an estimate on monthly tax increase, and how long it would take the town of Princeton to pay off the 1.2M?

  4. Phil Gransewicz

    I am a new Princeton resident and had to go with a AT&T hotspot wireless solution for broadband. That carries with it a 2 year commitment with penalties for early cancellation. It sounds like under this proposal, I can pay $200 for the fiber optic hookup to be run from the street to the house. In order to get that, will I also be required to start receiving services immediately? Or can I wait until my AT&T contract expires in 2 years?

    BTW, thanks for all the time and hard work all of the people on this project have expended to get Princeton “up to speed” and functioning in the 21st century. When this happens, the demand for Princeton homes that are for sale will grow tremendously and raise values. Right now, I believe Princeton home values reflect a no internet devaluation penalty. This increase in values will benefit ALL the people in town, whether they use broadband or not. I hope people are able to hook up their homes without requiring an immediate service connection as I think this will greatly expand the customer base in the future.

    • richwagner

      Phil, I need to clarify something said earlier. I was incorrect in my initial correspondence on this. Here is the corrected info: if you get the initial fiber hookup, you are also committing to a 2-year commitment of service once the hookup goes live. However, if you do not get monthly internet service, you would only pay $25/mon, not the full amount for a normal internet subscription. Now, if you get internet service, then that $25 fee is included as part of the $95 internet subscription. The reason they are asking for a 2-year commitment is that it costs them more than $250-350 to do the initial hookup (more like $700+), and so the $25 monthly for 2-years ensures that they at least cover their cost. Once again, sorry for the misunderstanding on this issue before. – Rich

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