Getting Ready for Tonight’s Vote

Looking for information for the special town meeting vote (Nov. 18, 7pm at Thomas Prince School)? Use the following FAQ to quickly navigate content on our web site to get the answers you are looking for.

1. What is the Matrix Plan? And what are we voting on? 

Read a 5-minute summary of the Matrix plan and what the Tuesday vote is all about.

2. Why is this the best plan possible for the town of Princeton?

When you factor in the state of the telecom/cable industry and the unique demographics and geography of our town, each broadband committee member will say unequivocally that the Matrix private/public plan is the best plan possible for our community. Read why »

3. Who is Matrix Design Group? 

Matrix Design Group is the private company proposing to design, build, and operate our townwide fiber network. You can read case studies of other Matrix projects here »

4. What would be the subscriber costs? 

Matrix fiber-to-the-home service would provide fiber broadband and optional phone service. Read about the services and the subscriber cost breakdown here »

5. Why is DSL not a viable long-term option for us? 

When you look at industry trends, it is clear that DSL is eventually going to be phased out. It is not a question of “if”, but a question of “when”. Read why »

6. Why is fiber the best technology choice?    

You can read the following resources for more discussion on fiber:




  1. Ryan

    For clarity, is the plan inclusive of all construction costs? Does it really supply “fiber to the home”, or is it merely supply the opportunity to access the cable if the homeowner is willing to incur personal construction costs to have cable run from the street to connect their home?

    • richwagner

      Ryan, the $250-350 installation charge that is part of the initial signup is what most homes in town would need to pay. That covers an aerial link to the home or, if you have an underground conduit, then they can run it through that. It is only in the special case where you have an extremely long driveway or no conduits available, then there would likely be an additional charge. From their experience in Leverett, MA, Matrix has found that the large majority of homes had little issues. Keep in mind, it is in Matrix’s best interest to want to work with residents to make it easy and affordable to connect homes — as the larger subscriber base is where they make their money.

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