Final Hurdle for Broadband: Tuesday’s Vote

While Princeton residents voted overwhelmingly for the broadband initiative at the special town meeting in November, there is one final hurdle to clear: Tuesday’s vote at the Town Hall Annex. Broadband will not come to Princeton unless it is funded by a majority vote at the special debt exclusion election this Tuesday, Dec. 9th. Polls will be open from 12:00pm until 8:00pm at the Town Hall Annex.

If you want broadband to come to town, be sure to come out and vote!

If this day or these times do not work for you, absentee ballots are an option if you act on Monday. Applications for absentee ballots must be received before 12pm on Monday Dec. 8, and voted ballots must be received in the town clerk’s office by the close of the polls, Tuesday, 8pm, Dec. 9.



  1. randy

    What’s the latest with this? It’s been over a month and no new updates from you. Could you guys please give the people an update at least once a month. For those of us using the legacy system that is Ayacht technologies we are dying to know when we can join the rest of the world with half decent internet.

    • richwagner

      I understand your frustration! I am a bit in the same boat –> info has been painfully slow to come by. However, I will have a brief status update available shortly.

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