After the Vote: What’s Next?


Written by Phillip O’Brien

With the two successful Nov 18 and Dec 9 votes, the Princeton Broadband MLP (the town’s governing body on broadband) has a clear mandate from our residents: to bring high-speed broadband internet to town as soon as possible.

Rolling up their sleeves, they are already getting to work. Here are the immediate next steps following the vote:

First, Princeton Broadband MLP now has the legal authority to borrow the $1.2 million for “make ready” costs and will begin to formulate a plan for the “make ready” project and deal with all related legal issues surrounding pole ownership, etc.

Second, Princeton Broadband MLP is now able to begin negotiating a contract with Matrix Design Group. The MLP has officially named John Lebeaux and Stan Moss to head the negotiations.

Third, Princeton Broadband MLP met today with Mass Broadband Institute’s council and business representatives to discuss state grant/funding issues, contractual strategies, and legal guidelines.

We will update you on news from all of these fronts as we learn of new developments.




  1. John Puricelli

    As someone who resides in a small subdivision with underground wiring, I would hope that any contract with Matrix requires them to exercise diligence to provide services in such situations. It would be ironic if, after this long process, a minority of town residents are left with no internet access

      • Phil Gransewicz

        Rich, I was curious as to whether it was a Princeton town requirement that the entire subdivision use underground wiring. I know there are requirements now to place all or part of the wiring below ground on a house by house basis. In my case, I have half above and half below. Luckily I have a separate conduit containing old phone lines which I plan on using to pull the new fiber through. Old phones lines are so 19th century and I foresee no use for them in the future.

        In the case of the subdivisions with underground wiring, I would hope that the negotiations with Matrix would require them to be wired along with all other residences in Princeton, at a reasonable cost. After all, ALL taxpayers are being asked to pay for the make ready costs so ALL taxpayers should be able to partake of the benefits of this project. Who owns the existing underground conduit for non-electrical utilities? Verizon?

        Would you happen to know the requirements (if any) for any underground conduit people might want to lay themselves in advance? Metal or plastic (rigid or flexible)? Specific diameter required? How deep it should be placed?

        Thanks again for all the work and information. 2015 is going to be a great year in Princeton once this starts rolling out.

  2. Richard Bullock

    To the Broadband Committee – troubling rumors out there – suggest you get ahead of the media which does not always produce a timely complete accurate understandable account – and keep everyone up to date at least weekly…a very important matter to everyone in the Town – appreciate all your good efforts – Rick Bullock

    • richwagner

      Thanks for your comments. The Princeton Broadband MLP is heading up contractual negotiations and is charged with communicating updates and progress as the situation develops. But I appreciate and understand your concern about regular communication, so we on the broadband committee will inquire about whether the MLP can provide more on-going status updates.

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