Matrix, Princeton End Talks Over Network Control Issues

The Princeton Broadband MLP issued a press release tonight discussing the official end of talks with Matrix. (Click here to read). On the surface, that sounds like disappointing news for we Princetonites, desperate for true high speed internet. But after the molasses-like pace that characterized the talks with Matrix for months and months now and which prevented Princeton from being able to begin the make-ready repairs, this news actually looks like it could be a positive step in the right direction. There appear to be other potentially interested vendors to fill the void left by Matrix. I am cautiously optimistic that one of these may very well, in the end, be a much better match for us. We are continuing to monitor any and all developments here on and will keep you updated as we learn of them.

Read official Princeton Broadband MLP press release »



  1. Chris Lynch

    Matrix Design Group remains committed to building a FTTH network for the Town of Princeton. Any time two parties work on a contract or an agreement the first step is normally to have the lawyers speak with each other to try and work out any potential issues. This first step was never taken despite numerous requests from us to speak with the Town’s legal counsel. I don’t know what is going on behinds the scenes here but as I said above Matrix Design Group, for our part, remains committed to building a FTTH network for the Town of Princeton.

    Chris Lynch
    Director, Business Development
    Matrix Design Group

  2. Tim T.

    I’d love to read the press release, but it’s taking forever to download on my slow internet connection…

    All joking aside, I’m sure I speak for a lot of town residents when I say that hopes were SO HIGH for this project. Hearing this news is really disappointing. Given the nature of the press release and the Matrix response, there seems to be a lot of finger pointing going on. I really hope the town can keep moving forward with this, one way or another.

    I’m curious about whether this delay affects the votes back in 2014. Is there an “expiration date” on the approved ballot measure? Would the town have to potentially vote again to reauthorize the funding if the project remains stagnant for too long?

    • richwagner

      Tim, yeah, as one of the former broadband committee members, I am very disappointed too by the lack of progress since the special town meeting. I would have thought that at the end of April 2015, we would perhaps be well underway with the make-ready + network build. Definitely a complicated situation and I’m not privy to the discussions, so I will defer to the Princeton Broadband MLP for the official announcements. But, to answer your question – the way I understand it, the good news is that Princeton Broadband MLP should now be able to go to bond council for the make-ready costs, and Princeton can hopefully actually get that necessary work going while the MLP talks with potential vendors.

    • stan moss

      The borrowing authorization for $1.2M in Make Ready funding was in the form of a Special Article. Special Article funding exists until it is either spent for the approved purpose, or returned to the town general fund by a vote at town meeting – so no, the funding authorization will not expire or have to be re-voted.

      A further clarification in regards to petitioning bond counsel to approve the load: bond counsel approval is followed by a Board of Selectmen vote to actually borrow the authorized funds, and Princeton Broadband MLP/BOS votes to spend borrowed funds on a various portions of the Make Ready project. Gaining bond counsel approval now opens the door for the noted following future votes, and if there is a potential delay in bond counsel approval we will know and respond sooner rather than later.

      Princeton Broadband MLP and the Board of Selectmen remain committed to bringing ultrafast Internet to Princeton as soon as possible at a good value price.

      Stan Moss
      Princeton Broadband
      Princeton BOS

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