Passing the Broadband Torch to the Princeton Broadband MLP

handsWith the town vote and establishment of the Princeton Broadband MLP to spearhead contract negotiations and make ultimate decisions for bringing high speed internet to our town, the Princeton broadband committee essentially fulfilled its raison d’être (reason for being) and, consequently, was dissolved this past month. In other words, we are passing the “broadband torch” to the Princeton Broadband MLP to see this thing through to a successful end for the town.

Since and its associated Facebook page was originated and maintained by those of us on the broadband committee during its tenure, the dissolution of the committee also signifies a shift in the purpose and nature of this site. Instead of serving as the official source for broadband news in Princeton, is now what could best be described as the unofficial source. Our plans are to continue to update the town residents on all things broadband here, but we do so now from an unofficial, independent perspective. As important, we also want to continue to provide an ongoing forum for discussions and commentary amongst the Princeton community – both on this site and on our Facebook page.

For official Princeton Broadband MLP news, the best online source is the Town of Princeton web site. (But note that we will pass along MLP info here as we see things posted.)



  1. Richard Macomber

    Rich, thanks for all your efforts! I’m so glad you will continue to work to keep us all informed. You do a great job! I don’t know what we would do without you.
    — Richard Macomber

  2. Andrew Boucher

    Just checking in to see what is happening since this last update. It’s been almost 2 months since we’ve heard anything.

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