Board Gives Approval to Borrow Internet Make-Ready Funding

While there is a heck of a lot of work being done behind the scenes by the Princeton Broadband MLP and others, many of us on the outside have felt frustrated by the seemingly lack of tangible measures of progress so far in 2015. However, here’s some good news on an essential step in this process – getting the make-ready work off the ground.  The following is a press release from the Princeton Broadband MLP.   

Board Gives Approval to Borrow Internet Make-Ready Funding

High-speed Internet access gets significant boost with $200K for engineering study

June 22, 2015, Princeton, MA – The Princeton Advisory Board voted 5-0 June 22 recommending that the Board of Selectmen proceed with borrowing $200,000 to begin make-ready activities necessary to installing a town-wide high-speed fiber optic Internet network. While voters approved borrowing $1.2 million to cover all estimated pre-construction activities, town officials believe incremental spending is the best way to move forward until a vendor is chosen to install the network.

The funds, when made available in mid-July, will be used to cover work by Verizon and project consultants for engineering studies and pole assessments. The work includes examining each of Princeton’s nearly 2700 poles on public ways and additional poles on residential properties that are currently co-owned by Verizon and PMLP. The inspection team will agree if an individual pole needs replacement or upgrading, determine the cost for the work on each pole, and whether the Light Department or Verizon will perform the work.

According to Stan Moss, chair, Princeton Broadband Municipal Light Plant (PBMLP), “Make ready work has begun, which is the first major step in reaching our goal of bringing high-speed Internet access into every Princeton home. As work continues toward vendor selection, PBMLP feels the project is back on track and now moving forward as quickly as possible. If all the pieces associated with this project fall into place, we are still looking at a completion date of late next year.”


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