August Update

Here is an update on the latest happenings:

  • A formal Request For Information (RFI) to build the fiber optic network project was issued by the Town; there were 7 parties in the phone interviews and 4 formal respondents (including 3 new organizations that might be interested in being part of a build).
  • Make Ready funds for fixing poles will become available in September; this would start the application process with VZ and allow PMLD to start work.
  • The Advisory board has been enlisted to review risk, financing and cost estimates by the Select Board.
  • Axia, a vendor offering some equity to participate, has been invited in to explain their proposal, which includes $50/month/subscriber for 100Mbps, to the Select Board and Advisory Board. 
  • Leverett’s fiber network was fully lit and running in May; 79% of their households are subscribers; this is very encouraging.


  1. John Puricelli

    As someone who lives in a small subdivision (5 homes) with underground wiring, I hope that the issue of running lines underground is addressed with any potential vendors.

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