Greenfield Beating Princeton to Independent High-Speed

Here’s a recent article on the city of Greenfield’s recent success to bring independent high-speed internet to their community:

To Xfinity And Beyond: One Town In Western MA Took On Comcast, And Won

Will the Town of Princeton get moving and follow suit? Or will the endless delays continue?



  1. Ed Carlson

    Ten dollars per month!!!! This article is great. I had no idea that you and you were proposing that I (Princeton residents) could get high speed broadband access for $10 per month (as this article states is the case for Greenfield) . At $10 a month this would be a no-brainer as it addresses the needs of all of the community – not just a small impassioned and wealthy minority who can afford the plan I saw you propose originally! So why are our Selectman holding up your plan since your plan is now so darn cheap? Did they fabricate some obstructionist story about the long term costs for some reason? Promise me ten dollars per month like Greenfield and you have my support! Otherwise we should wait. The Baker administration is working with Comcast and will be providing us with a proposal for our consideration. I’m looking forward to hearing their alternative plan. Unless of course you truly are guaranteeing us $10 per month Broadband… then lets talk!

  2. Greg Miranda

    As anyone reading the article can see, the price was stated as $10-30, which is still exceptionally cheap, but not as simple as the flat $10 figure stated by Ed. I imagine that part of the difference in overall price versus the Princeton proposal comes from a denser population combined with more overall customers in Greenfield compared to Princeton.

    I furthermore take exception to the statement that only a small and impassioned wealthy minority is interested in the Princeton proposal. For one thing, the proposed cost in Princeton is around $95/month for broadband and phone service. That is very close to what I already pay for combined DSL and phone service from Verizon. Given the fact that the fiber-based town system would provide about 30x the current internet speed, I would happily pay the same or even a little more for the vast improvement. I would of course prefer to pay less, and it sounds like there is that possibility if enough customers take advantage. I also have the impression that approximately half of the households in town have already expressed definite interest through the advanced sign-up for the town broadband initiative, which is hardly a minority.

    Finally, Comcast has had many years in which to “get off the pot” and make a specific proposal. Their current supposed interest seems like more of a stalling tactic than a serious effort. If they can’t make a submission in the very near future, i.e. before a hopeful town vote on the Princeton proposal this fall, then they don’t deserve the chance to string us along any further.

  3. John Vieira

    Quite honestly I’m a little tired of the infomercial approach. We need an objective look at what is best for Princeton. I’m not convinced that another town run municipal utility facility will be responsive to our needs or changes in technology. Consider how long it is taking just to debate this issue. We have been discussing this issue for years. At this point we should be taking to Comcast or others. What is the problem with that?

    • richwagner

      Issue is that the town has tried to get Comcast and others to come in, but because of our low population density per mile, we can’t attract them economically to make the investment.

  4. Kathy Dileo

    I have only been a resident of Princeton for 3 years and I’m already tired of waiting for this to happen. The vote was in favor last fall. I’d like to know why the town is stalling this project. Apparently there is already 1.2 million of our tax dollars in the budget? Where is it and what are they doing with it? I’m already paying $70 a month for a crappy dial up service I would be glad to pay an additional amount for high-speed. My family has daily arguments to whom is on the internet first because of it lagging and the interruption of it when the “landline” rings. As beautiful this town is its so in the dark ages I’m wondering why I moved here. I hope something starts moving soon on this, the residents that are in favor deserve to have this option. The world is a lot different now folks, our children need it for their education.

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