Comcastic? Or Yet Another Delay? Special Town Meeting Postponed

Late breaking news from Princeton Internet MLP (via

The Princeton board of selectmen has agreed to postpone both the Sept. 8 Information Session and the Sept. 13 Special Town Meeting regarding the plan to fund construction of a town-owned Internet network until an official proposal from Comcast is submitted for review and analysis by town officials.  Comcast representatives and Princeton officials will meet Sept. 7 to begin initial discussions regarding an anticipated proposal to the town for a cable television franchise, including high speed Internet service.

The board believes postponement of these two events allows time for Comcast to complete its due diligence allowing residents the opportunity to better compare the choices available and understand the risks, costs and services available. A new date for a Special Town Meeting will be set as soon as possible once a Comcast proposal has been submitted and reviewed by the appropriate town representatives.





  1. Phil Gransewicz

    I’m from Comcast and I am here to save you. Sorry it has taken over 30 years. We promise to be slightly more timely in our service calls should you decide to go with us. Please deposit $200 per month for the next 20 years.

  2. jedjr13

    As much as I was looking forward to a FTTH system bringing us out of the dark ages I have to applaud Stan Moss and the other Selectman for having the patience to once again listen to another proposal in the hopes of best serving the Town. I do find the timing of Comcast’s letter curious now that we were getting down to the wire so to speak and wonder if they were perhaps encouraged to do so by those in town that would like to stop the progress made so far . Either way I guess we will see. I hope Comcast’s proposal is better than their reputation and I would question why they would propose a new relationship with the Town of Princeton by underserving us with old DOCSIS 3.0 technology when they stated in their letter of August 31 they were ” rolling out DOCSIS 3.1 “, what are we the ” poor cousins “?

    • Phil Gransewicz

      They are in town now for one reason and one reason alone IMO. There is $910,000 in state money they see as theirs if they wire the town. Others have interpreted that amount as being negotiable, with some maybe coming back to the town to help cover the $950,000 we have spent for the pole make ready. I find that a bit hard to believe but who knows. The devil will be in the details of the real proposal.

      It was interesting to hear that Comcast and MBI are very “tight”. They have been communicating and negotiating, without having any Princeton representatives present, that I am aware of. One of the Comcast people at the presentation is a former head of the Mass. DTC. She stated she wrote the guidelines for the cable franchising process. I fear Princeton has wasted a lot of money, Princeton volunteers have spent thousands of hours, while all of this was really being negotiated in Boston between Comcast and MBI (the government).

      The timing of their 2 page marketing proposal (the actual agreement hasn’t even been submitted) was perfectly timed to torpedo the entire effort to establish what I consider a town owned broadband cooperative. They could have done this very same thing nearly a year ago, but waited until all of their MBI ducks (ie. dollars) were lined up the way they wanted them,

      Just my opinion… Your mileage may vary.

  3. Phil Gransewicz

    BTW, please change the title of this article because the Special Town meeting was “uncancelled”. Apparently our town leaders are receiving conflicting legal advice from the same lawyer on different days.

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