Survey Feedback

We asked. You responded…with enthusiasm! Check out a random sampling of the feedback we have received from town residents on the survey.

We NEED it! Without it our real estate values are down as people WON’T buy without HiSpeed connections

I rarely get to take advantage of the telecommuting due to the slowness of the internet. Not very productive for me to work from home. I would really like to have this available to me more often.

Our internet connection and speed is barely passable and is a constant source of frustration for our high school and college students who rely on the internet for online content, research, Googledocs, etc. It is equally as frustrating for the educators( high school and college) in our household who depend on the internet for teaching online courses using Blackboard,as well as research, grading, and daily correspondence with students.

This area needs fast internet! Lots of time our wireless will stop working and we are forced to go out somewhere to use the internet. Almost everyone i know in this town would want fast internet.

One of the reasons people do not consider living in Princeton is that we don’t have cable and internet access availability. We have good schools, available homes at reasonable prices, but they can’t get what most consider standard connections to technology.

In our 21st century world, we live in a digital backwater.

Our unreliable internet connection is a serious problem that affects us all in today’s society, and it is essential for our town to have high speed internet available to all.

Thank you SO much for tackling this problem. We have had knocks on the door from prospective buyers of houses on our street–they ask if we have fast internet service and we have to say no. They want to telecommute or their kids need it, and they don’t want to move here. Also, we can’t get Verizon cell service or Netflix streaming or play any digital games (not that we want to, but we WOULD like to be able to sell our house someday).

Poor internet and cable TV service lowers the resale value of our otherwise wonderful house. Please help! We deserve it and are willing to pay for it!

Please save us!!!!

This is long over due.

We would NOT have purchase our current home if dsl had not been available — period. Lack of high speed internet access throughout town is an embarrassment to Princeton and a detriment to property resale values.

Our household would jump at the opportunity to have high speed, unlimited data access, especially for streaming movies and videos,working from home, etc. Thank you!

our DSL is pretty good for most things, but we’re the last house on the street that gets enough signal. We can lose it when weather issues arise. Uploading videos is needed for work, but would be lots better if faster speeds were available.

Good luck! We hope you receive LOTS of responses.

Cost of faster service is a big factor for us.

Princeton, we are both in our 70s. For the good of our citizens and our town lets go to state of the art.

Currently using Verizon Mifi, unable to access 4G, speed varies but is still overall too slow.

This is long over due.

System reliability is a must.

I am hopeful that Princeton will be considered for this “state of the art” internet service for many reasons (not least of which is to save my sanity) – but I believe that it would be a draw to live in thiscommunity and Princeton could be a model town for rolling out similar services to other areas. I believe Princeton is a perfect match for these services.



  1. Lou Trostel

    We need more young families moving into town to populate our wonderful Thomas Prince School – but they won’t without high speed broadband – so lets save Thomas Prince school AND get our broadband service!

  2. Laurie Kraemer

    Thank you for all those helping to get good reliable internet in town. It is absolutely crucial to the real estate market. I believe if you provide the town with reliable internet, then the parents will move here and the kids will fill the schools.

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