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Broadband Availability Linked to a Community’s Economic Health

If there [are] a lot of people without broadband available or not a lot of providers, it negatively impacts all seven economic measures.

– Brian Whitacre of Oklahoma State University

Higher rural broadband adoption rates are directly linked with economic health, according to new research released yesterday…Researchers measured economic health based on seven factors – including median household income, the percentage of people in poverty, the total people employed, non-farm proprietor income, the number of firms with paid employees, the percentage of non-farm proprietors and the percentage of employees classified as “creative class.” The research looked at the impact of broadband availability, download speeds, adoption rates and the number of broadband providers on on the seven economic factors using three different modeling techniques.

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High Speed Internet: Same Role in American Life as Electricity

“High-speed Internet access plays the same role in American life [as electricity]. It’s just that these guys have succeeded in making us think that it’s a luxury…Truly high-speed wired Internet access is as basic to innovation, economic growth, social communication, and the country’s competitiveness as electricity was a century ago, but a limited number of Americans have access to it, many can’t afford it, and the country has handed control of it over to Comcast and a few other companies.”

– Susan Crawford

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