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“Strict Data Rationing”: Why LTE Wireless Is Not a Broadband Alternative

The obvious problem with the LTE-fixed replacement approach is the use case…The highest data package available from both operators is 30GB per month, which is already below the mean average level of fixed broadband usage in the USA…Analysys Mason argues that LTE in developed economies can play only a very limited role in the supply of fixed broadband – confined to particularly hard-to-reach areas and even then with strict data rationing.

LTE not a fixed broadband replacement: analyst, Mybroadband.com


Could Mobile Wireless Be an Internet Solution for the Home?

At least 83 percent of people who have a smartphone also have a wired connection at home. This reflects the fact that mobile wireless has inherent capacity limitations relative to wired connections, along with highly restrictive usage caps that can send monthly bills skyrocketing for even moderate users. As a result, it can’t fully substitute for a wired connection, especially for popular applications like streaming video.

– Susan Crawford, Roosevelt Institute

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