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Infographic: Download Speed

We have started to compile the results of the Princeton Broadband Survey taken by town residents in 2013 and display the findings as infographics. Infographic #3 is shown below.



Do You Suffer from SIS? Take the Test and See.

If you are interested in seeing the difference between what your current internet speed is compared to what it would be with an ultrafast Fiber to the Home connection, go to Speedtest.net and get your results. Then, once you are finished, compare your results with what is shown in this video.

SURGEON GENERAL’S WARNING: If you live in Princeton, compare your speed test results with the video below at your own risk. Lab studies have confirmed that viewing in underserved areas, such as Princeton, may lead to increased frustration, exasperation, and even excessive perspiration. To combat this condition known as SIS (Slow Internet Syndrome), the Surgeon General recommends citizens getting involved to bringing about change.

When Will The Rest of Us Get Goggle Fiber?


You may have heard about the wildly successful launch of Google Fiber in Kansas City. Given this success, why isn’t high speed internet being made available everywhere? According to Blair Levin, a former U.S. Federal Communications Commission chief of staff, the simple answer is that there are no compelling business incentives for the established players.

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