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Coming Soon: Doctor Remote House Calls

Remote house calls create the opportunity to provide patients with care at the time and place they need it most, and further mitigates the risk of lack of adherence, not seeking help at all, recall bias and worsening of conditions.

– Melissa Thompson, CEO and Founder of TalkSession.92408289-jpg_171811

Analysts predict that 160 million patients in the U.S. will be monitored and treated remotely for at least one chronic condition by 2020. Clearly, Princeton will need a true broadband solution to be able to take advantage of this emerging trend in health care.

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U.S. telehealth patient population to grow to 1.3 million by 2017 from 227,400

Our internet connection is going to be an increasingly important role in our health care in the next 5 years. According to medcitynews.com, the desire to curtail costs is fueling a growth in U.S. telehealth patient population as a new report projects that the number is set to rise to 1.3 million by 2017. That is nearly a six fold increase in the number of patients that sought telehealth solutions in 2012 – 227,400.Telehealth or telemedicine or remote monitoring is the activity of using medical devices and communication technology in concert to monitor chronic diseases as well as symptoms that could develop into serious conditions.

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