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As Phone Companies Abandon Copper Lines, Some Customers Find Withdrawal Painful

More evidence that cooper wire-based Verizon DSL is no long-term viable solution for Princeton internet needs:

Verizon, the country’s second-largest landline phone company, is taking the lead by replacing phone lines with wireless alternatives. But competitors including AT&T have made it clear they want to follow. It’s the beginning of a technological turning point, representing the receding tide of copper-wire landlines that have been used since commercial service began in 1877…The elderly and people in rural areas, where cell coverage may be poor or nonexistent, will be most affected by disappearing phone lines.

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Why Verizon is Killing DSL & Cheap Broadband

If you or your neighbors are skeptical of supporting the Princeton broadband initiative because you have DSL, think again. Below are two current stories in the mainstream tech press that provide even more tangible proof that DSL is not a viable long-term solution for Princeton broadband needs.

Why Verizon is killing DSL & cheap broadband

The slow death of DSL will cause the rapid rise of expensive broadband if Verizon’s Fusion service is any indication. Verizon launched home-broadband powered by its wireless network — letting consumers trade unlimited slow broadband from a wire for faster, capped and more expensive service.

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Verizon’s Driving Away DSL Users Intentionally With Rate Hikes Gives DSL Users $5 Rate Hike As Thanks For Loyalty

With the exception of some major cities where they’re still adhering to franchise obligations, Verizon’s FiOS expansion is over, and Verizon has been making it very clear that they have no interest in those customers remaining on DSL. The company last year returned to forcing new DSL users to subscriber to costly landline service, and now users in our Verizon DSL forum say they’re being notified that yet another round of traditional rate hikes have arrived.

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Disaster, meet opportunity: Verizon’s plan to push wireless on copper landline customers

Further evidence that DSL and related old copper telephone technologies are not in the strategic interest of Verizon:

Last Friday, Verizon filed a proposal with New York state that would allow it to abandon traditional copper telephone lines in favor of wireless service in select areas. Companies like Verizon and AT&T have been trying to leave these old and costly copper networks behind them…Certain systems that run over traditional lines, such as burglary alarms and DSL internet, won’t function over Voice Link.

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